When you create an experience, it's hard to step outside of it, and imagine it through the eyes of someone who's never seen it before.

While this is absolutely normal for any creator, it hurts success because it prevents us from being able to identify where people are getting stuck, when they're getting lost, and why we need them to do x but they keep doing y.  


Christina offers affordable User Experience Consulting services to individuals and small businesses. 

This includes a website or mobile application evaluation, a feedback document detailing findings on the usability, user-friendliness, user-perception, and overall tone of the experience, and suggestions for improvement. 

Note: Feedback turn around time is within 1 week, but can be expedited upon request. Payment is through Venmo or Paypal.




When you are creating an experience, it's hard to step outside of yourself, and imagine what it's like to be in the shoes of the people you're creating for.

While some of us are better at imagining than others, it's hard to truly know the thoughts, fears, needs, and behaviors of others who have gone through experiences that we haven't. In this way, our own mindset is a bias that prevents us from understanding who our users really are, how they feel about what we've built, and if we're creating solutions for their real problems.


Christina conducts short or long-term User Experience Research projects for individuals and small businesses. 

Processes offered: remote quantitative testing (click tests, heat map tests, navigation tests), in-person usability and perception testing, qualitative user interviewing, survey creation, user journey mapping, and short-term ethnographic studies.

Details will vary by project, but research outcomes will be provided in the form of: in-depth analysis, high-level summary of findings, recommendations for improvement, and all raw data and notes. 

Note: Project turn around time is on a case by case basis, but can be expedited upon request. Payment is through Venmo or Paypal.